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Default Re: impact of rod color?

The Rod color does not matter, you've over looked the important factor, that is amount of gloss on said rod.

I have had issues catching fish on sunny days. I figured it was the sun reflecting off my glossy rod. So I took it home a sprayed it with a flat clear laquer. Upon returning to the stream I had to fight fish off my fly. I then had a brain storm!! Well maybe it was a light drizzle. Anyways I then painted my rod with a combination of flat greens, browns and olives. I more or less camo'd it. Upon returning to try this version I was attacked by a rather large Brown trout as I waded into the river. I successfully scared him away by flashing my $50 abel nippers. If it was the color of the nippers or the menacing look of these astonishing nippers I don't know. More testing to come.

to be further tested I will tie various sticks and leaves to my rod to see if that increase catch/cast/pool ratio indices. I must figure out how to account for duck traffic during tests as I notice this variable also positively effects fish activity. Tho I must mention its only Mallards that seem to increase fish activity, Mergansers seem to reduce fish activity. I must try other puddle ducks and divers to see if this is a anomaly to puddle ducks vs. diver ducks. I may try using decoys to see if they will induce a similar rise in fish activity.

Look for forth coming books

Matching the Quacks

Selective Mallards

These will be available at your local Hatchery/feed store.
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