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Default soft hackles for brook trout? (not on swing)

HI - anyone have success fishing brook trout on soft hackles? I am a huge soft hackle fan for panfish, and tie a TON of them on my pheasant roosters (from hunting last winter) which make excellent hackles for this. I tie the "pheasant" and yellow, orange, green etc. Also some with peacock herl bodies, etc.

I took up fishing for brook trout recently and wondered whether these are ever used, or are considered effective, etc. Since a lot of brook trout streams a small -- I though the traditional swing might not be used....but I catch panfish like crazy on stillwater just using rod twitches like a spinning rod .

I got my 1st brook trout on a brassie nymph this past weekend -- which got me to thinking about using my soft hackles.

What do you think? Give it try?
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