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Default Re: Adventures in a Storm Drain!!

i think the biggst thing to be learned from this thread is to be happy with what you have not only in flyfishing but in life in general.Im sure geoff would love to live five minutes from the yellowstone in montana or on the banks of some spring creek in idaho ,heck i know i would. but unfortuatley for the majority of us that just isnt reality. so we take a couple short road trips each year to whatever water we can get to for a reasonable amount of time and money and make the most of what we have close to home the rest of the time.I fish a few rivers similar to what geoff describes in my home area too(although i am fortunate to have a nice tail water 40 minute away full of wild browns) they arent famous they arent world class hell theyre borderline polluted but they are on the way between work and home and do hold carp sunfish a few smallmouth and chubs and i fish them all summer. sometimes on a cool spring evening when the warmth of the day starts to give way to the cool of the evening i can let my mind wander just a bit and be transported to some wandering river high on the westslope of the rockies.the brightly colored sunfish become small eager brookies, the silvery chubs turn into flashy rainbows and the bigger more stubborn carp of course are bruiser wary browns. the small mouth are surely greenback cutthroats... because they also have green backs. these types of places certainly arent glamorous but for most of us they are our flyfishing reality and we take them for what they are and are glad we have them close at hand. as i type this and its 25 degrees outside with 15 mile per hour winds a warm summer evening wading in water up to my knees passing the time with sunfish and a few small bass while hoping to get a chance at a carp sounds pretty dam good ,and it is ,this in my fishing reality and it aint perfect but im pretty happy to have it.
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