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Default Steelhead woes


I am currently visiting the North Coast of California (Humboldt County area) and have been out a few times to the Mad River tossing in my line. I have been picking up as much info as I can from the local fly shop and the good old internet, but I do have some questions if any of you have some time to answer.

It seems like unless you happen to hit the river during a run that the chances of catching a steelie (or anything for that matter) is very very low. Not only have I not hooked anything, but I haven't seen anyone else hook anything either. So I'm just wondering if it's kind of a go as much as you can and hope?

The other part is that the shoreline is usually not passable and the river is deeper and stronger than I want to cross so I don't have the option of covering much water without getting back in the truck and driving til I see another opening in the brush/trees along the shore. Maybe thats just how the fishing is on this river, but golly. It seems like a lot of trouble for the low chance of result. Then again maybe I just don't have the steelhead knowledge/experience though I have been fishing Colorado for years and am quite confident in my abilities (in mountain rivers at least). These coastal rivers seem to be giving me a run for my money and like I said I haven't seen a single hookup from anyone else while I'm out there either.

So maybe it's just a tough low percentage process rewarded by that one day you get one or two big old steelies trying to take your fly back to the ocean?

Am I understanding it correctly or is it my lack of experience on these coastal rivers?

Take care and tight lines
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