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Default Midwest Fly Patterns Question (please dont be too upset)

Hi all!!! So I must admit that I am scared to ask for this advice but I really could use the help here. I am new to fly fishing first of all. I have been spin fishing my entire life in the northwoods of WI, but now at 27 am getting hooked on fly fishing. My problem is I am having a heck of a time deciding what flies to bring with me on my outings. I have been studying the bugs of the rivers, and looking and watching countless different patterns, and it is a bit overwhelming. So here it is:

If you could bring 5 dry flies and 5 nymphs with you to fly fish in MN and WI what would you bring. Targeting brookies, browns and bows.

I will be making a trip to a major fly shop soon and of course will ask advice there, but I like lots of opinions. So far the flash back pheasant nymph is one that I locked in.

Thank you in advance for helping out a very green fly fisherman.
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