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Default Re: SAGE ONE: Looking for thoughts...

Originally Posted by petee View Post
According to my buddy.... no you will never go back to the Orvis. He said his Sage "One" is the truest tracking, line blasting rod he has ever fished. He hooked up a 30 lb. King on his 8 wt. a couple of week ago and said " I turned the rod into a Hula Hoop". He landed the King with no problems.

I usually believe that all the hype is just marketing, but in this case it may be justified. Hope so as I am starting a new build on a Sage "One" Switch 7116-4 next week.

I just bought a Sage ONE Switch 7116-4. As this is my first switch/spey rod I'm sure I won't be a good judge of how good the rod is. I haven't even cast it yet, I'm waiting for open water. Looking forward to it tho.

I checked out the TU membership deal. Too bad its a 5 wt. I already have one and its lucky if I use it more than 4-5 times a year. Now if it was a 8wt then I'd be more inclined. Even tho I already have 3 8wts I'd be interested in another. I use my 8wts probably close to 100 days a year.
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