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Default Re: New to Fly Fishing any Suggestions

Welcome to the forum! I live in Rocklin, myself. There are a lot of opportunities to fly fish in the northern CA area!

Right now Steelhead are 'the big thing', but a trout rod might be a bit small. You can nymph for them on on an indicator by the hatchery side of the American at Nimbus, but the fish are finicky and don't often take (unless you're drifting roe).

When it warms up a bit the Tahoe streams are a fantastic area to learn to fish. The east fork of the Carson river is stocked a lot and, though they aren't wild fish, you can learn your presentation and casting technique on that river since there are many different pools you can chose from. I wouldn't recommend the Truckee for other than practice; it's a very technical water, very fished, and the trout are almost all residents who have seen every fly under the sun (there's a reason why you see the guides show pictures of the same fish in the hands of different people). Another overlooked spot is the north fork American (Kyburz and higher). You can pretty much hike in from anywhere off of 50 to the river and fish. At most pools you'll find a brown, brook or rainbow hiding in it. It's a little known fact that you're allowed to hike into the river wherever you want - the cabins are private property but they're sitting on forest service land so you're clear to walk past them.

And before you know it, Shad season will be upon us (begins around April-May). You can have 40+ fish days on the American. A 7 or 8 weight does the trick for them.
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