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Default Re: Midwest Fly Patterns Question (please dont be too upset)

I strongly recommend you to read some of Rich Oshthoff's books before starting to fill fly boxes with"this week's hot patterns". He lived and fished WI his whole life.
I would suggest "Active nymphing" and "No hatch to match". You might find them in libraries or jut buy them (I did and I am glad I did) and re-read them a couple times. The two books overlap a bit in content; if i'd have to pick only one I'd get the second one. He prefers simple flies custom tailored for his style of fishing (patterns are given). The most important thing is the fisherman's skill/technique ("it's not the arrow, it's the indian") and advice on how to handle various situations is given.
There is lot of info on fly shop websites regarding local water conditions, insect activity (hatches), and so on. You don't whant to fish mayfly immitations when the trout is gorging on caddis pupas.
For people starting out in fly fishing for trout, I strongly recommend Joe Humphrey's book "Trout Tactics". It will shorten the learning curve tremendously!

It looks like I am digressing from the subject, but I believe that fly patterns should be the least of worries for a beginer. Skill and kmowledge of what is going on under the surface of the water is 90% of having a successfull fishing day.

I hope I am not offending anybody, it is not my intention. Tight lines.

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