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Default TFO Lefty Kreh Professional or Redington Classic Trout?

So, I'm more or less a novice caster. I've been fly fishing for a bit and have caught some fish, but I've never done it often enough and consistently enough to get any good at casting. This year I have resolved to change that and become a proficient flycaster. It's too much fun to continue to be bad at it.

Long story short, a while back I replaced my first fly rod (some no-name thing whose reel seat I had to reattach with superglue, etc.) with a Sage Flight 590-4 pretty much because a friend of mine had one and liked it and LL Bean had an astonishingly good price on the combos at the time. No, I'd never actually cast one before buying it. Yes, dumb :-)

Now, the Sage is a fine fly rod and there's nothing wrong with it, but as I have learned more I had begun to come to the conclusion that it's just too fast for me, at least at my present level of proficiency. Last weekend a member of our local club let me try his TFO Lefty Kreh Professional, and I loved it. The slower action (TFO calls it med. fast) felt alive in my hand, and it was much lighter, too. When I went back to my Sage, it confirmed my suspicions about it not being right for me, at least not now.

Which brings me to my question: I want to replace the Sage (either store it until I'm good enough to use it, or maybe just sell it) and get either a TFO Kreh Professional, or a Redington Classic Trout. The CT sounds similar on paper but probably even a slower action. I don't know anyone locally who has one I could try, unfortunately. So, without being me or knowing me, but based on my story, would you recommend the TFO or the Redington? If you own both or have casted both, you're my hero today :-)

Oh, and this is probably relevant, my primary fishing is for sunfish and crappie in stillwater, and I usually fly fish either from my float tube or a small boat.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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