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Default Re: TFO Lefty Kreh Professional or Redington Classic Trout?

Originally Posted by fly_guy12955 View Post
You coined the best phrase for slow and medium actions rods I've heard yet,,they feel ALIVE ! That has been just the word I've been looking for to describe why I do not really like fast actions rods,,they do not have that 'alive' feeling. It's like you are standing outside the picture casting in,,,with a rod like the CT,,you are IN that picture and feeling every bump.
Glad to help with just the right word. I'm a software engineer of sorts and at one time considered being a technical writer instead, and it feels great to use a word that really nails it for somebody

In my first draft, I'd said that when I went back to my Sage it felt like picking up a pool cue with a flyline on it, then edited it out of politeness to Sage and those who fish them. I don't mean to offend anyone, and Sage certainly makes fine rods and it picks the line up off the water like nobody's business, but it's just way too stiff for me. I may eventually grow into it, but OTOH I don't need to be casting the whole line at bonefish (we've got them here in the bay, but I'm not really a saltwater guy).

Glad to hear how much you like your 3-weight CT. When I get my 2 or 3-weight later this year I'll probably make it a CT so I can experience both worlds for myself.

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