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Default Re: Steelhead woes

Thank you all for the info, I appreciate it much.

@brookfieldangler: Thanks for the encouragement and I have been trying to hit the seams, runs/channels, and around rocks (I've only seen one rock so far) but your increasing success is both worth congrats and encouraging so I will keep trying. Also good job on bringing in those two steelies!

@dillon: That makes me feel better, I was starting to doubt my angling knowledge.

@mikel: I will definitely give them a ring, I just hope I don't bother them with their questions as I'm sure they are more focused on making sales in their shop than answering my questions lol.

And in general: I brought up to the eureka fly shop here that I had not hooked anything and that I had not seen anyone else hookup either. He said that on the Mad River the run happens later in the season starting to heat up in March, so that may be part of it as well. Looking at a book in their shop I also saw that the Eel River, which is fairly close as well, is a more productive steelie river starting earlier and peaking again in March. I guess I may also be a bit early for the winter runs. I'll be here through most of March and will be fishing from now until then before I have to head back home.

Thanks for the info and if I have any successes I will be sure to let you know. Take care and tight lines.
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