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YES, It definitely can get into your blood! There is some mystery to it that keeps us coming back for more.

First Question, How do you post those excellent photographs? I have tried to copy/ paste from my Macbook I photo. Do I need to use a sight like photo bucket or something?

Anyway, about five years ago I traveled to Nova Scotia and P.E.I by way of Bar Harbor, Maine. While I was there with family I didn't get a chance to throw a line one time! I would love to get back up there, as I am from KY.

Alaska, however, would be a terrible place for me to visit. I am certain I would never come back here! HaHa!

SO a 10' #8 would be a fine rod size for the salmon other than King?

I love the flys excellent craftsmanship!

Where would you recommend for a trip to fish Salmon?
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