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Default Surf fishing near Destin Florida

Morning gents
The family and I are going on a trip this summer to Florida. I'm still new to the hobby to begin with, but would love to hit the water when we are down there.

1 problem:

I have no idea what to do... and am looking for advise.

I did try surf fishing back around 1997-98 when I was stationed in Cecil Field. It was on the Atlantic side with a spin cast set-up. It was not the best experience with rough water and no knowledge then either. This trip will be the gulf coast with a year of fishing on the rivers(most likely a different animal).

I know some of you guys saltwater fly fish, so it is possible. But I have too many questions. **Are there any books that you would suggest on the subject?** A few of the answeres I am looking for as an example:

It is a 1 week trip so I'm not sure I can justify any new equipment (rods-reels...). Is a 5wt or my 9 wt capable of surf fishing if I tie the right flies?

Is the main equipment difference just the materials used in production to avoid things like corrosion? or is there a size and power requirement that go more towards the Spey type rods?

If my current rods won't work is there any such thing as a rod and reel "rental"?

Just for feasibility- If my current skill level allows for a "reliable" cast in the 30-40 feet range (hitting a 3' ring), is it even worth looking any firther into it for this trip, or is that enough distance in the gulf to get past the break with a little wading (I do, also, have a few months to practice)? I suppose that depends on further study telling me that the break either is or isn't where I want to drop my fly when looking for feeding fish.

I am starting my own research, but I figured I had to start somewhere. The experience floating around this sight is very attractive for someone looking for answers and possibly a shove in the proper direction.

Thanks guys.

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