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Default Re: Shenandoah National Park in Winter

Originally Posted by adventurewonk View Post
So, you posted a bunch of pics and directions to some place that you want locals that recognize the location to ¨refrain from posting the name in here¨ only to claim how awesome it is but refuse to tell other that read your post WHERE is is so you can bogart the hole for the other 364 days out of the year that you aren´t there????

So basically you tell every one what a great fishing spot you know but then tell them to bugger off on how to get there....????

Real classy...
So, you're lazy, expect handouts from the people that put in the work and then get mad when they don't give you what you want? Real Classy...

Excellent report. There are very few spots, if any that no one knows about but when it comes to gems like this, the less people that know the better. The people that are going to put in the time to find these spots and catch these fish are a lot less likely to ruin it than people that were told exactly how to get there and have had it made easy for them.

Around here there are easy to access spots that I will happily point people to and give tips on how to fish the area. On the other hand, there are small creeks that I have put a ton of time in to finding. On these creeks I have never seen anyone else and like it that way. I know that if anyone else fishes these areas, they most likely put in the same time and effort and will appreciate it as much as I do.
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