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Default Re: St.Croix Avid Series

Originally Posted by stl_geoff View Post
the Avid is a great rod, especially for the price. I like to think of it as a diamond in the rough. I have a 7' 3wt version and it casts every bit as nice as my more expensove sages.

If you can get a good deal on one you wouldnt be disappointed.
I have an Avid 7' 3wt as well.

I asked if anyone had a UL they'd be willing to let go really cheap to an old Disabled Vet, who wanted to try UL.

Considereing I had never used anything but a Traditional II 9' 5wt from Cabelas.

& this very generous individual offered me a what I though was a great deal.

& then he pm'd me & said "send me your address & it's yours".

I read that pm & closed it not really absorbing what it said.

About an hour later still at my keyboard, it dawned on me. So I re-read that pm & sure enough that's what it said.

Dumbfounded & Extremly Greatful. I replied & sure enough it came in the mail to my door.

As far as the action of this rod, well as already stated I'm no rod expert, but this rod.........

Gets plenty of Action
....I Love it & will never forget the very generous & kind person who Definately made this old Vets, I would say Day.

But the fact is every time I go fishing he makes my day. Thank you Dennis

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