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Default Re: Steelhead woes

Well I went back out on the water this morning and had a great time. I didn't hook up, but I did see two fish! I also found a bar where the river isn't too deep so I was able to get across and cover a little more water. Both the fish I saw were pretty big, I'm guessing about 20+ inches. I thought one of them was dead and stuck on something in the bottom of the river so I walked up to investigate. I got about 4 feet away and notice that it was actually alive and just holding there in the middle of the river.

It was pretty banged up and had some sizable gashes on its back half but I decided to back up and swing a few flies past it anyway. I don't think it was in the mood to feed so it pretty much just ignored me until I went back across the river and then it kind of just floated down the current to another holding spot. Both the fish I saw were in less than 18 inches a water so maybe Ill focus some more attention on the wide shallow parts next time I'm out.

Either way it was fun to be out there and use my new 8 wt rod and reel (my 5 wt wasn't throwing my flies well enough). Maybe itll start heating up on the Mad River in the next week or two and Ill get to land something. Just wanted to post that update. Take care everyone and tight lines.
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