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Default Re: South Boulder Creek Flow Bump

Originally Posted by hike2fish View Post
Hey All,

Looks like flows were finally bumped up in SBC. Anyone have experience fishing it right after the winter low flows? I assume it takes the fish a little bit to get used to actually having more than 10cfs.

Chris (first post!)
Howdy, I used to live in Boulder and my buddy is still in Louisville. I've done a lot of fishing in SBC, but I can't really answer your question without more info on the actual flow amount. It's still very much winter so unless there is a big rise in temperature creating a big melt it should be standard Colorado winter fishing. I would certainly stick to a double nymph rig with very small flies. One of my favorite rigs is a glow bug (egg yarn pattern) as an attractor followed by a size 20 to 22 blood midge (red midge pattern).

If the flows are actually high, as in looks murky like the spring melt, then itll simply be tough. The spring melt brings the murky water and makes it hard to find the good holding spots for the fish. But, again winter is still in full swing so I'm assuming the water is still clear, just a bit more of it. Everywhere in Colorado likes small bugs. I'm not saying you can't catch things on bigger flies, but as a general rule size 18 flies are as big as you really want to go. That being said I've had lots of luck with 16's, but they are really too big no matter what time of year you are fishing. The only time this rule changes is if you can't wait til the spring melt is over and want to try your luck on the heavy flow/murky waters. Then a larger pattern may be the only way to get noticed. I pretty much don't fish during the spring melt, because of how unlikely it is to get results.

Another nymph combo I like is a size 18 hare's ear followed by a small (20-22) black midge or zebra midge, though my go to winter setup is definitely the egg pattern followed by the blood midge for SBC and the other smaller creeks.

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