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Default Basic Dry Fly Setup

Hi! My name is Brandon, and I live in Colorado. I am a novice fly angler fishing this way for barley a year. Recently, I have been researching on how to setup a basic dry fly rig to no prevail. I have been in contact (believe it or not) with my local fly shops to receive horrible service and no real information. Personally, I think they're just racist ass holes. My problem is I can't seem to get my dry to float. Is there a specific leader or setup that I need? I have floatant, but my fly still sinks to where i can't follow its progression down the drift. I am not using fluorocarbon when attempting to dry fly. Please Help! I can nymph fairly well, but I want to advance my skills in this beautiful art . I fly fish on local rivers and streams. Also, I understand how to match the hatch and read water. Thanks for any information that may be provided! Tight lines my fly fishing brethren.
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