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I have one. I used it primarily to throw on the ground when I'm putting on and off my waders so the wader booties don't get damage from gravel/stones and to keep junk from getting in my wader boots. I have buddies that use a sample carpet chunk for the same purpose.

I have a station wagon so I just put all my gear in the back of my car. I have a sheet of cardboard down in the wagon that everything lays on. I have a old school cafeteria lunch tray I throw on the ground to stand on while getting waders on.
I also set my wader boots on the tray to keep the back of the car cleaner. Keeps all the moisture, sand, mud and stones confined. The waders just lay out in the back of the wagon. The wet waders and other gear are left out to dry in the back of the car while I'm driving back and forth, not all folded up and closed in the taco bag where they would not dry. When I get back home my car goes in the garage, I hang my waders up on a hook right next to the car and the tray with the wet/dirty wader boots go on a shelf right next to the car also. My garage is heated so even in cold weather my gear is dry in a couple of hours. It's gotten to the point that I don't use the taco bag anymore. The taco bag for me is just an unnecessary item that serves no purpose.
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