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Default Re: good boot waders

I use Simms stockingfoot and cleated Simms boots for stream fishing, but recently bought an inflatable pontoon and decided I needed something lighter, without cleats, to use with fins.

I was initially going to use my Simms stockingfoot with a pair of water shoes, but then I found a pair of Allen bootfoot waders (rubber boots) for $115 at Allen Co. Shelter Bay Breathable Waders - Boot Foot (For Men) - Save 46% - you can probably get them cheaper, with additional discounts.

Utah no longer allows the use of felt soled boots and, while Nevada 'allows' them, they encourage you to NOT use felt - so, these rubber boots are perfect for my use. BE SURE you check your fishing location before you buy something with felt soles - they may not be allowed.

Since the Nevada/Utah trout lakes are frozen over for the winter, I took my pontoon to Pahranagat NWR and tried it out on the water there - the waders were perfect - for my pontoon use.

I recommend you try them out - from Sierra Trading Post - read their 'return policy' - it allows you to try them out and return them if you are not happy - 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Note: Rubber soles will work for many applications - but, you may find yourself wading in a stream that is slick (with algae or other) - I use my cleated Simms (Alumibite cleats on Vibram soles) to handle slick streams.

Good luck!

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