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Default Re: Streamer fly rod blank

Those are the blanks Ive been pondering and I'm leaning towards the Batson.
7 WT would do the job for sure.Yeah Ive heard and read nothing but good things to about all three brands.Thanks!

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Originally Posted by brookfieldangler View Post
I have blanks from both Batson and Mudhole.

The mudhole MHX blank has proved itself to be incredibly durable. I would describe the action as medium with a touch of fast. Very smooth. I have it in a 6wt

The RX7 I have is a 2wt and seems to be closer to the fast end - haven't had it long enough to say much about its durability.

The RX8 I have is a 9wt. They describe this rod as rifle fast which made me a bit nervous. Once I started casting it though, I would say that it is fast but not rifle fast. It's also a very durable rod capable of throwing some big flies quite a ways.
I like the sound of durability.Thanks
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