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Default Re: Albright Products

I have several GP's and an XX. They are finished very nicely, especially for the price paid. Mine are all 2010 or 2011 models and I actually prefer them over rods costing much more. The GP (replaced by the GPX) is marked with 2 suggested line weights; the lower for a faster cast and distance. I usually go with the higher weight because I prefer the slower, deeper feeling cast.

Moucheur2003 describes Albright's marketing strategy to a "T". It's rather misleading, but if you follow them to any degree, you know what's going on, and will wait for their lower prices.

I have likewise had only positive experience with their customer service.

I do have a shorter Albright (GP 7.5' 3-4 wgt 2-piece), but it has never seen any fish time; and will ultimately be sold. Although the rod casts very nicely, for that length I am exclusively fiberglass.
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