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Default Re: Looking for line for a 7 wt.

I've tried several bass tapers, Cortland, Orvis, Rio, SA, Bass Pro and, other than the Bass Pro line, they've all worked well. Of them all, I have had the best success with the Cortland 333 Bass taper. In fact, it's my line of choice for fishing bass and panfish with my fiberglass rods.

Another less expensive line you might check out is the SA Headstart. It is weighted a little heavier than the rating (a 7 wgt would be closer to a 7.5 wgt) and has a very forgiving front taper. It helps the novice caster become a more successful caster.

Regarding overlining the rod, that's a personal choice. I sometimes overline to slow down the rod or to power through wind, but I don't generally. Instead, I would use a different rod.
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