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Default Re: Travel 5 Weights

Personally, I'd look for a Redington Wayfarer. 5 pc. Discontinued but often on ebay. Or, trout unlimited gear reduction (donate tab) as an outfit. $175 Outstanding 5 pc, med fast rods. I own them in 3 through 8 wt for travel. (which I do 30 plus weeks a year)

copy & paste from
Redington Wayfarer Fly Rod & GD Reel Combo - 9', 5 Wt., 5-piece Rod

Donation amount: $175.00
Retail value: $200.00

Package contains one 9', 5 Wt., 5-piece Wayfarer fly rod with Redington GD 5/6 titanium reel, WF-5 fly line, 100 yds. of 20 lb. Dacron fly backing, and a rod/reel case.
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