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Default Re: hand tied leaders

Hey, whatever floats your boat -- I realize this opinion is in the minority. I tossed Ian in there because he's a very well-respected trout fisherman and fly tier and he advocates a level 4 pound mono leader between 10-20 feet!! Obviously, we are all the "random guy on the internet" and I get that.

I actually just read an article by Lefty advocating that people increase the length of their tippet to make the cast "more crappy", meaning that it would NOT unroll completely and would allow more "slop" to pile on the water to extend the drag-free drift.

So, you can theoretically use a fairly crappy level leader and get a better drift than you can with a purchased tapered one if you don't know what you're doing. Lol. Rip - I know you are wise and know what you're doing -- I'm just messing around.

So, it's all just a collection of opinions. I don't think there a dark, conspiracy to get trout fisherman to purchase 4 dollar leaders or anything. Casting small trout dries is so much easier than heavy lead flies it's not even funny. I catch fish just fine - possibly better if you consider that my entire leader is incredibly thin without the heavy butt section on there.

Well I'm glad for you that you do not have the need for tapered leaders, turbine, but their advantages are well understood by trout fisherman.
Sure, but fly fisherman also believe a lot of weird things -- like the need to use 4-5x leaders/tippet to fly fish for BASS or SUNFISH when it's not only unnecessary, but possibly unwise. They also call "bobbers" "indicators"...? creeps me out man. A collection of opinions from fly fishermen means almost nothing to me. I'd rather try things for myself.

Just an option to toss out -- try it, you might like it. If not I owe you a Guinness.

Yeah, the above Harvey formula -- I tried that too when I started in this. No way in hell am I going to bother tying that many strips of line together just to cast to fish!
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