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Default salmon fishing near steelhead alley (Michigan or NY)

I started fishing steelhead a couple years ago and can safely say I am completely addicted. But, feeling those big strong fish on the end of the line got me thinking about salmon. I have never caught a salmon. I plan to change that this fall...I just need some help to find the right river.

I live in Columbus, Ohio so I realize that I am in for a significant drive to any river that has a decent salmon run. But, I would like to find a "home" salmon river within about a five or six hour drive I can visit a couple times a year without having to burn too much vacation time. I think that gets me all the way to Buffalo NY or to about the Pere Marquette River at Baldwin Michigan...and everywhere in between (although I am not aware of any respectable salmon fishing in PA or OH).

So, what do you guys recommend? In addition to reasonable drive time, I want a river I can wade and camping is a plus. Feel free to PM me with your closely guarded secret spots!...I am too far away to be much of a nuisance.
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