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Default Re: Tied up some clousers last night

I went to the creek yesterday to test out some things. The beadchain clousers rode beautifully and looked quite sexy in the water! Here's a post-use pic of one that speaks for the strength of Sally Hansens; the beadchain eyes got ripped off somehow on a snag, but the profile still looks good
Click the image to open in full size.
Here's the result of the first fly I tied (poor bugger!), after getting slammed around for a couple hours It was a bit tough to cast on my cruddy little rod. I used a leader of straight 15 lb mono to try to make it easier. Yesterday turned in to several good hours of real-world-scenario casting practice, which I needed and resulted in getting my timing better
Click the image to open in full size.
Afterwords I practiced casting in a field for a good hour. I have gotten fairly good at casting my cheapo walmart rod. I worked double hauling to take strain off my wrist (i try to keep it straight but my rod is heavy so its tough), and oval casting. I think when I get a better rod, it will make a world of difference!
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