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Default Re: Anyone use ProBond paste?

I've used both ProBond and RodBond and prefer RodBond, but they are both excellent products and both are very forgiving in terms of amounts mixed. I like Auntie Em delve into the AR type of personality. And due to the very long working time for these paste epoxies I thoroughly mix and measure.

Having said this…that does not seem to have been your problem. It sounds more like a surface prep problem with possible contamination of the surface. I have attached a link to an article about surface prep and epoxy.

Having done a number of repairs/replacements on grips and handles I also find that really glossy blanks that are not prepped properly show a ‘lack’ of good adhesion to the grip or handle. The dried epoxy peels right off the blank.
Hope this helps.

Larry - Surface Preparation
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