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Default Re: Any Past/Present Pipe Smokers/Collectors?

Originally Posted by hairwing530 View Post
Rip Tide,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but depending on your father's choices in briars, there may have been a lot of money in those old pipes. I've seen some of the vintage Dunhills and a few of the custom hand-made pipes go for BIG money, depending on the pipe, the maker and the like. If you stumble across any other pipes or pipe-smoking paraphernalia, drop me a PM and I can generally give you a rough idea of what it's worth.

The wind screen you posted really rock on a stream, in that they prevent fires in both your shirt or fly-vest pocket, or in the neighboring stands of trees.

One of my favorite pipes to take astream is a little "vest or pocket pipe," a small bowl arrangement with a bent stem that turns around to be set over the bowl, thereby making for a very compact package. A really nice little pipe to have around...

Now, I'm really going to date myself. With all of the talk about cigars, how many of you have had the "bug-repelling" pleasure of the old Swisher Sweets? My grandfather always had a 5-pack box of those in his vest, just for those special occasions when his pipe tobacco wasn't getting the job done. Does anybody know if these little cigars are still made?

Jerry, aka hairwing530
ahhh. swisher sweets! soaked in rum - dipped in wine. i believe they're still available.
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