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Default Sage Launch and FLi opinions

I was curious as to how much of a difference you think there is between the Sage Launch and the FLi? According to the Sage website the FLi is supposed to be a fast action rod and the Launch a medium-fast rod. I picked up a 4 wt Scott rod at my local pro shop and it was about a flexible as a 2x4 compared to the 4 wt FLi which is supposed to be a fast action rod as well. I'm thinking that a correct action rating would be the Launch is a medium and the FLi is more of a medium-fast. What say you?

On a side note I'm thinking of using a 4 wt 8'-0" medium action rod with floating line for dry flying streams and a 5 wt 8'-6" or 9'-0" fast action rod for nymphing streams and float tubing lakes. So I'm trying to get my set up dialed in. Thanks in advance for you help.
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