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Originally Posted by bigjoexd View Post
Thanks for the tips and the welcome's guys! Hopefully I'll have some time on the weekends to check out some of the spots mentioned and give 'em a try. I imagine work will be keeping me pretty busy during the week.

If you know of any other cool things to do that aren't fishing related in the IC/CR area I'm all ears as well. Along with fishing spots I've also been searching the web for shooting ranges (bow, rifle, skeet), gun shops, fly shops, bow shops, etc.

Just trying to get ahead and do my homework on the area before moving out there. That way I'm not at a loss when I actually get out there and wasting precious hours trying to find places when I could be fishing.
There is a lot going on in terms of music/arts. Iowa City is a University town, Cedar Rapids a factory town and they both have their strong points. I love the Pedestrian Mall in Iowa City and the Bohemian District in Cedar Rapids. Cedar Rapids has a hockey team and a baseball team, and of course there is the Iowa Hawkeyes. There are a lot of great places to go fishing, boating, camping, etc. between the two. I think that Coralville Lake has some mountain bike trails in an area called Sugarbottom, although I have never been there.
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