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Default Re: Just Curious: How Many Fly Rods Do you Own

I currently own seven rods:

PHY Para 15 8' 0" 6wt 2pc
Zhu Bamboo 8' 0" 6wt 2pc
Zhu Bamboo 7' 6" 5wt 2pc
Zhu Bamboo 7' 0" 4wt 2pc
Zhu Bamboo 6' 9" 4wt 2pc
Redington Classic Trout 8' 6" 5wt 4pc
Redington Classic Trout 8' 0" 4wt 4pc

The Zhu Bamboo 6942 is a pleasure to cast and is my favorite rod. The Zhu 7652 is also a joy to use. They aren't heirlooms but I don't plan on getting rid of them ever.

The Redington CTs are my only graphite rods after I sold my Sage ZXL 8644. The ZXL was a great rod, but the CTs perform just as well to me and I got both CTs combined for less than a third what I got for the ZXL.

I'm giving the Zhu Bamboo 8062 and 7042 rods to my nephew in WA since he has ready access to streams and rivers and is starting to fish. Those two rods should cover his fishing needs.

The PHY P15 is a clone that I like but don't love. I will keep it for the times I need a 6wt, which isn't often.

So I may end up with just five soon. That would be fine.

Take care.
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