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Default Re: Reel Love; the Fly Reel Picture Thread

Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
I fished out of Turneff Flats Lodge once several springs ago and loved it. I jumped tarpon every morning and had multiple shots at permit every day. Magnificent habitat except for the bonefish flats. I declined to fish for bonefish there though my wife caught many as they focus on the productive reef flats which are beautiful but rich in live branch corral which literally crunch beneath your boots...the preservationist in me can not do that and the angler in me, Bahamas experienced, need not fish for these little bones. But tailing permit fished from the bow of a skiff; now we are talking! We kept a brace of 8-weights rigged for bones, one #12 for tarpon which we shared, two #9's rigged with moderately weighted Enrico Puglisi crab flies and a 10-weight with a big heavy crab for deeper or strong tidal current flowing water. I caught most of my permit with the TCR 9-weight with a Sage reel that was a precursor to yours and hooked and lost the biggest of my life on the 10-weight. Approaching a fish spotted by our guide, a permit specialist, I would say, "9 or 10-weight?", one of my favorite questions I have ever asked.

Thanks for the heads up. I can see your point of view totally. last year in Los Roques I was not madly keen on walking on some of the flats they took us to for that very reason. Trying to explain it to the guides was interesting as they thought I was mad. Problem there is they don't use flat bottomed skiffs as we see in Mexico, Florida etc. They are "V" hull so not able to float over the shallows.
I have 8 & 10wt rigs. But between us we could probably put the average retailer to shame gear wise....all the gear and no idea
I'm going to have to learn to tie some of those E P crab flies, look great. What size did you find best?
Regards Gerard
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