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Default How far could you cast with these set ups?

My first POST!

Quick hello and thanks to all of you who give your time and knowledge to this forum.

I challenge anyone to Google any fly fishing question and if this forum is not in the top three answers then you are not spelling your question right.

I have been interested in fly fishing ever since I can remember remembering. I have physically only been fly fishing for two months, only been in my boat once and have only caught two fish on fly. So to say I am new is an understatement.

So hear goes, my fists question...

I do not know any one that is in to fly fishing so I am going to use you all as my fishing buddies and ask you the questions that I would normally ask a fishing buddy.

I have four rods and four lines and am wondering how my casting is evolving. By only comparing my self to the studs on YouTube throwing 130 feet I am doing very poor. However maybe some of you will help me understand a little better what my gear is capable of and what I should expect to get from it.

Here are my rods:
1. 9' TFO BVK 8wt
2. 9' TFO Lefty Kreh Pro Special (says Med-Fast)
--- The two lines I have to cast with are SA redfish taper WF 8F and
a DT 9wt Hi Vis generic brand.

3. 9' Fly Logic 5/6wt (I think Med-Fast but seems very flexy)
4. 9' Grey's G series 5/6 (I think Med-Fast as well)
---The two lines that I have for these rods are Cabelas WF5F and Cabelas intermediate sinking line 5wt.

Could you all share some perspective as to what these combinations can produce in casting length?

Thanks so much and I am super pumped to be part of this community!
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