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Default Re: LaCrosse Custom Rods 7' 2-wt review

Waghostdncr, Your post prompted my own investigation.

Late last fall I decided the time was right to once again go lighter. When I first stated fly fishing, my original substantial investment was a 7wt, I later picked up a 5wt, drifted towards a 6wt, and eventually continued the downward spiral towards a 3wt. Nearly every time I went down in weight, I really enjoyed the transition towards a lighter weight rod.

The nearest stream to my house has a lot of small fish, and a lighter weight rod makes these quick after work trips all that more enjoyable. I do love my three weight, but had become interested in either a 1, or a 2.

I found this 2wt La Crosse on e-bay, for a price I was willing to take a chance on. "The old adage you get what you pay for is true in this case". Sadly, The rod arrived with an upside down tip guide. At first I was a little disappointed, and considered contacting the manufacturer. I later realized this was a re-pair that would only take me about 5 minutes to complete, and decided to avoid the hassle of dealing with the manufacture as writing the e-mail, would have taken longer than the actual repair.

I'm happy with the price paid, It looks nicer than it should, is super light, and casts well in the back yard. I'm looking forward to putting some tiny creek fish on it this spring.

Here are the pics: Mounted on the rod, is one of those super cheap Chinese reels which I consider an amazing deal. With the type of fishing I plan to do with this rod, I do not think a quality drag will be much of a factor.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

The upside down tip, prevents me from recommending it to others, but at the same time it could have been an isolated indecent. Other than that (now that it's fixed), I think its going to make me a nice addition to my inventory.

I understand this a older post, and if you happen to see it, I wonder what your long term assessment is of this rod?
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