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Default Re: Sage Launch and FLi opinions

i looked for the same answeres a couple weeks ago and here is what i found.. i am not a great caster, im not even a good fly fisherman but here is what i found and its worth what youve paid for it.. its hard for me to belive the fli is stiffer than the launch, the launch felt clubbish to me after getting used to the ds2 and ds rods.. the fli is very nice and smooth, the dealer here after i tried the ds2, the fli, and the launche said it (fli) was too good of a rod for the money.. meaning he was loosing sales by fisherman being satisfied with it insteread of buying the 600 dollar rods.. he than gave me my second lesson that day, and tought me alot about casting, and he took all the work out of it for me as i was pumping more line and getting zero performance.. he toght me how to work it out to the head then shoot the rest of the line.. it only takes one or two castes to get max distance.. after i was getting the hang of it he brought out the winston bllx (boron?) fly rod 5 weight is what we were throwing in a 9 foot rod in the parking lot.. the line becouse of my lesson cast effortlessly, and becouse of the winston laid out flat and strait about 6-9 yards further than the other rods.. i think it had alot to do with oversized guides or somehting, but no hand/arm shock whatsoever .. you cant precive the difference tho without trying each over and switching back and fourth, and haveing my casting problems corrected as i went.. i have carpel tunnel, and old age itis...,, after casting awhile the launch gave me a sore wrist,more clubish of allof them, the ds2 was next in comfort, the fli was definitly best for the money and wintson was very, very nice.. iwill probably get one when i can justify the cost.. .so there it is, dont bother sending the 2 cents becouse you will probably have paid too much.. dave...
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