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Default Re: A Question For the Experts

Originally Posted by chi flyfisher View Post
Actually, Airflo does have a presentation taper that earns high praise - Technical Trout. It's different that the Tactical Trout line. It sports their delta taper for delicate presentations. I love Airflo line and use Ridgeline Tactical taper on my 4 weights. I will eventually actually try the Airflow Technical taper when I'm due for another dry fly line. However, I just purchased the SA Textured Trout Stalker line for my 3 and 4 weights. It's a wonderful line for dry fly fishing or fishing small nymphs. It's most definitely not a nymphing line or a streamer line per se. But it's as fine a dry fly presentation line as I've used. I use it on a variety of rod tapers as well, from 389 and 490 LL's to a 490 Z-Axis. Love it.

Yup, I realize they have one made for presentation and it happens to be the only line I've tried so far on my 3wt.

I had one before I even got the rod- the ridge supple technical trout or delta taper as it says on the box. I tried it out on my winston and it just didn't seem to fit too well. It made delicate casts and would cast as far as I needed to, but with the BIIt (this may just be a personal casting stroke thing) it didn't deliver the same depth of feeling and ability to roll cast that I noticed with the Techincal trout DT that made me buy the rod.

And the SA Textured trout seems to fit the bill perfectly from what you all say- at largest this rod might occasionally see a single #14 nymph.
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