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Default Re: Just Curious: How Many Fly Rods Do you Own

Originally Posted by nick k View Post
I applaud your generosity in giving the bamboo rods to your nephew, but knowing what I know after years of fly fishing, starting out with a bamboo rod is.....interesting. I'd be afraid I would break it learning how to cast, and those bad boys are expensive.
Thanks, Nick. I understand your trepidation.

My nephew already fishes with one of my brother's graphite rods. I think it is also a Redington Classic Trout. He is enjoying it quite a bit from what I hear. He fishes the Snoqualmie River and Lake Sammamish with his dad. I figure that if he uses a bamboo rod early and likes it, then so much the better for him. Each rod has two tips, so if he should break one, then he won't be out of a rod. It's also his birthday coming up, and he's a decent kid, so it's all good.

Take care.
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