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Default Re: Sage Launch and FLi opinions

I own a sage Launch 590-4, and I find the action is quite variable, I can shoot really fast and get the line out there then slow it up to about a medium speed to get my accuracy. I'll tell you this, you can't go wrong with the sages, they're amazing amazing rods. I've fished with 3 sages (i've only ever owned this one) and used my friends $400 g-loomis and every sage has been wonderful. I'd say your best bet is to go to the store and cast them, and see which you feel most comfortable with. I'm glad I bought mine even though I couldn't cast it worth a flip at the store. It was really windy, and I hadn't fished in over 6 months, and when the last time you fished was like your 4th time your casting really bites, but i'm extremely happy with my Launch, but i'm just happy to be fishing.
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