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Default Re: How far could you cast with these set ups?

+1 to the above, excellent advice. I was in your place about 9 months ago and have come along tremendously in that time. I practice casting and fish every spare minute I get outside of work. And I'm usually not working because I'm thinking about getting out to the water .

My take:

1. Your rods are fine. You'll notice that as you get better, your fly rods all of a sudden also get better . Seriously, I never fixed a problem with a different rod or different fly line in general. It's all about practice. You'll get to a point where you don' really care what line is on the rod (within reason), because you'll be able to still get a good cast regardless.

2. Eliminate slack in your cast and you'll solve most problems. I used to throw tailing loops on longer casts (about 50') because when I started my forward cast there would be a couple of feet of 'slack' to take up, which was causing the rod to make a tailing loop path. Problem is fixed now, unless I'm really not paying attention and even then I can predict the crappy cast before it happens.

3. Practice a lot -- not with yarn, but with the flies you'll be using. Heavy and large flies really show you if your casting is good. They show you 'the truth'.

4. Learn to haul -- you need it for wind and it makes casting big flies easier and is just an excellent technique to use.
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