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Default Wetting maraboo and peacock herl colors

Hey folks, I've read some literature that suggests wetting maraboo when using it for buggers and the like to make it easier to work with. My question is: wouldn't/couldn't that cause dry rotting and or hooks to rust?

Second question. I recently did some riffle kicking and have tied some flies to match the march brown nymphs in my area. One thing that stuck out at me was just how pale white their bellies are! My new flies are tailored to have a dark top and white belly (and a nice flat profile, if I could post a pic I would.) The question this experience left me with was this: Why is it that pheasant tail nymphs, which are supposed to be a generic mayfly nymph imitation, use peacock herl as the bottom of the thorax, when many or most nymph undersides are white? Does the herl (which does give off a different color when wet) sufficiently mimic a white underside?

Thoughts, comments, threats, bribes??
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