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Default Re: Wetting maraboo and peacock herl colors


Thanks for the reply! What you say does make sense. I suppose that most trout aren't going to be that fussy here in KY since most are stocked. I guess the biologist in me was curious. Upon reflecting on the matter, peacock herl does give some flash to flies and since nymphs tend to tumble as they go through a riffle, the herl could show a lighter bottom. As for the march brown nymphs themselves, they usually do have this white-ish bottom, and they are also about to hatch here soon, but that event withstanding, I still can't imagine the trout here would key on just their coloration over any other hares ear, PT, or Jor Fly special. It did give me the chance to tie a nice new pattern (which I can't wait to try since the streams around here are teaming with those things right now!) Thanks again for all you help Silver.
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