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Default Re: How far could you cast with these set ups?

I always wondered if the "River runs through it" movie got this really revved up...if you cast a rod to the backing...then what do you do??start giving some backing out in the haul too...probaly not..

do you want a 5pound plus brown trout 100 feet away??not me.chances are you will never land him...just tire him out and he will die from the which place everyone loses...especially the fish...

I have given lessons for quite a few years...and the most important thing for me is accuracy...throwing strikes, if you will...if you can hit 50-60 feet accurately, you are doing awesome, actually 60 makes you a pro in my book....I am talking hitting a basketball ...if not it should be the we are talking trout rods here...not speys...OK...but the rods mentioned are saltwater rods ?...and tarpon and redfish are sight fished a being able to lay that flie in the right place is really the #1 deal...

25 yards is a long way away in fly fishing where I comfort zone with dry's is about 40-50 , 60 feet max...beyond that and its really a **** shoot...and Im just scaring fish...actually over 40 might really be more honest...IMHO...high sticking is double the leader plus my rod length...streamers would be the longest thing I do comfortably at my longest pitch...but again...accuracy means a lot more to me than anything else...but with streamers it more about presentation rather than sight fishing...generally...

Lefty Kreh at the denver show a few years ago for grins called his shot...some guy wasnt paying attention during his little talk...and was talking to his friend etc...Lefty threw out his line about 55-60 feet away and popped off the guys baseball cap, and brought it to himself!!! that is a strike!

great thread...all the best...t

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