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Originally Posted by silver creek View Post

I have found a problem with this method and wonder if it has happened to you.

I have found the mono stiffens the end of the fly line and you will eventually break down the fly line where the inserted mono ends. The stiff butt of the inserted mono causes hinging during the cast.
No, i don't have issues with this variation of inserting the leader into the fly line. Whithlock's procedure pierces the fly line coating, creating a weak spot. The tearing will continue with casting. The hole created is big, since he pulls the leader with the needle, and probably this is the spot where the hinging is created.
The method I posted doesn't pierce the fly line. The needle is pushed up through the center of the fly line, preferably through the braided core. The heat will stretch a bit the core and coating and after cooling it will retain the new shape (with a hole in the center) The hole is approximately 3/4 inch long. I do the sanding of the leader and than dry fit the but into the hole. When everything is ready, I put a drop of superglue on the portion of the leader that gets inserted and push the leader but in the fly line. Add a drop of superglue at the end of the fly line and hold so it will flow in the connection.
Have towel ready to wipe off exes glue, and use latex gloves.
Check for soundness of connection (after the glue is cured); if it holds, you're good to go, if it comes loose, repeat procedure.
I especially like the fact that you almost don't feel anything when the joint goes through your guides.

NOTE: The leader but has to be thinner than the fly line end. pick a leader that has the smallest but diameter and works for your purpose(has the casting characteristics you want).

Tight lines,
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