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Default Re: Novice tyer looking for critque/pointers

Rip Tide, I have heard the "can never be too sparse" once or twice before. I have just recently moved from the "if a little is good a lot must be great" camp to the "less is more" camp and wasn't sure if I had gone too far the other way or not. The bnd lateral line is partly the photo but mostly me. I'll make sure to pay a little more attention to making that more prominent.

Flytire, thanks for the pics and the link to the grey ghost walk through. They really explain the steps in great detail with some nice tips thrown in there. Looking between your pics and mine it looks like I'm running too far back on the hooks with bodies and tails as well so I will make sure to keep an eye on that.

Gary, thanks for the encouragements and your comments. That damn head gets me every time. When I first started out tying I was definitely an eye crowder. Time to shoot for the happy medium!

Thank you all for the comments and advice. This was exactly the feedback I was hoping for!

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Gary, just noticed the ps after I posted the last reply. Will definitely check out your blog. Thanks for the link!
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