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Default Re: How far could you cast with these set ups?

Whooo! You guy's are awesome!

All I can think about is fly fishing! I cant wait till I get a minute to check these helpful responses to my question.

So a little follow up on my question.

- Both of the TFO rods are 8wt.
- I fish in saltwater and have thrown everything from a heavy 2/0 Clouser to a #6 shrimp pattern.
- In my area on clam days casting 80' is just not enough.
- I can throw my SA Redfish 8wt about as far as I can see the backing, so maybe 70-80'
- I can throw the 5wt on either rod about 60ft
- I was double hauling within the first hour of casting and am pretty smooth.

With the 5 wt my main problem is that the rod does not load once I get a lot of line in the air, so throwing further is not going to happen.

With the 8 wt with a lot of line in the air I start to force it and it seems un-natural. I think that I am working to hard, but have no one to compare this theory with.

Thanks for all the help and advice so far.

Oh yes, and I do practice a few hours a week. I also practice many other distances and situations. Not just the long bomb...
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