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Default Re: How far could you cast with these set ups?

I've never met a fly caster who could cast over 100ft that wasn't a pretty damn good caster all around. Show me someone who casts that far and i'll show you a good caster
+1. I was just thinking that before I posted and saw your answer.

Practicing for distance is some of the VERY BEST practice I've ever done. For me anyway, my accuracy at 40-50' improved drastically after I started trying for 75-80'. I can hit a towel at 40-50' with any rod I own now and honestly I haven't been really focusing on 40-50' casts all that much. I usually go for more and I'd encourage you to do so as well.

Don't fall into the "I care more about accuracy and I don't fish over 40' anyway" slump. I probably catch fish at 20-30' more than anything else, but long distance practice makes your medium distance accuracy a hell of a lot better. It did me anyway.

Oh! When you get used to your rod loading and unloading, you'll think back to this thread and wonder how you could have thought that your rod doesn't load . A 5 weight loads extremely well to me -- every one I've casted. It's really just your timing and technique that you'll need to practice. It will come, just keep at it.

Work on your double haul with 1/2 the rod like Lefty advocates -- that really helps you find the timing.
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