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Originally Posted by dynaflow View Post
As I said,it's a flyline that weighs almost nothing.I'd ship in in a simple envelope without the box....but to illustrate by example,I recently bought a Redfish line from a Forumite who resides in a small town in the upper midwest (Michigan) and the flyline in the original box in a padded bag cost $6.12USD.shipped to the east coast of Australia via USPS.The guy who's buying your line is only down the coast a bit from me and I know him from the Saltwater Forum here.
Ok thanks. The cheapest I can find is about $13 using usps but it needs an address to confirm the price.

Originally Posted by Liphookedau View Post
Just a bit of info as I bring quite a bit of Gear from The US into Australia,I only use USPS as UPS is Too Expensive,I don't know about Fedex.
Yeah I just checked UPS and fedex and the prices are insane.

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Originally Posted by dynaflow View Post
Good advice Brian,USPS seems to be the go.At the risk of hijacking the thread,if only U.S.flyshops realized how much business they're NOT getting with their outrageous shipping charges to Australia.One prominent company just hit me for $60USD shipping for a new rod and when it arrived it had a $35USD stamp on it.
Are there any issues with taxes at customs for shipped goods? Could that be a hidden cost that wasn't represented on the shipping label?
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