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Default Re: Saltwater reel

I am a function over form kind of guy. Saltwater fishing to me is like fighting a war. Meaning it can be brutal. I see 10' sharks and 6' wide rays on a regular basis in less that 4' of water. I live to saltwater fish. Now that's out of the way. Suggestion time.

Okuma SLV is an OK reel but I would not put it in between me and a 40" trophy snook. Crank the drag down all the way and give it a spin. It spins fairly easy.
I bought two of the SLV's originally however returned them once I felt how they were made.

The best affordable saltwater reel out there (that I have experience with) right now is the Clark VIS. Go on ebay and enter Clark VIS. You will be happy you did.
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