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Default Re: Snow Levels in Colorado & New Mexico

This always comes up this time of year. Doom and gloom of some sort. The "It's all gotta come down," build-an-ark year, two years ago. The great flood. The "big drought" that was going to kill every fish. Lakes going dry (and most of those due to man pumping water somewhere else!) Creeks getting too warm (again, mostly due to man, not natural creeks and rivers)

In the arid west, we almost never have an "average" year. We have 80 percent of average. 12 percent of average. 170 percent of average. 35 percent of average. 130 percent of average. Those are all normal years! That's how we arrive at precip. and water averages. Highs and lows make the average.

So looking at Wyoming right now, for example, it looks pretty good to me. Numbers ranging from the mid-70 percentile to the mid-90 percentile, with a couple of exceptions. Roughly 80-some percent of average. That's pretty good! If our only fluctuations in precip. every year were between 80 and 120 percent of that average, we'd be in great shape for what we have. (Not ever enough, but that's another thread)

And like others have mentioned, we still have spring and early summer ahead, and NOBODY can predict what will happen, or we'd all know who could make such prediction, and they could be found on their own private string of tropical islands somewhere, drowning in money. It will probably rain and snow some more though. Highly likely anyway.

Wyoming looks good at the moment, with spring yet to come. Just keep some fingers crossed for some "average" or better precip in the next few months, and we'll be fishin' fine, with no super-high runoff to delay the start of the season, and enough water in the fall for the solitude season.

If anyone is waiting for that 100 percent of average season, don't hold your breath. Water in the west, feast or famine.
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